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Culture is our religion and music makes our engine work harder. Dance like nobody is watching you. Check the first announced artists below.


Samesame will be hosted on the beautiful and unique location of 't Zoet.

Within walking distance of the HSL station and the historic city centre of Breda, there is an area of ​​46 football fields.  Samesame will be with Vieze Anita, the first official festival to set grounds to 't Zoet.


What is samesame?

same·same (the; m; plural: samesame)

1 equal in size, shape, value, or importance  —usually used with the or a demonstrative (such as that, those) in all senses:  they are samesame but can be different.

When does the ticket sale start?

Ticket sales will start on the 6th of March at 12:00h sharp. Pre-register here and stay up to date

I have an idea to make samesame festival even more fun, who should I contact?

No manifestation without co-creation! Send an email to info@samesamefestival.com and see what beautiful things we can do together!

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