We thrive for uniqueness






In this sacred weekend
We create our own religion
And this is what our book prescribes;

Women of colour, queer, trans & disabled to the front.
Show us how it’s done.

Gender roles?
At 't Zoet they don’t exist

Culture is our religion. And music makes our engine work harder. Put on what you want and rock that shit.

Consent is our safe word.

More power and strength for women. Not because it needs to be given. But because they already possess it. We stretch and bend our and other limits. But we do not exceed them.


No more boxes

Being ‘normal’ or being ‘different’ are just concepts of exclusion bias? In the trash can! The patriarchy? We’ll set that shit on fire.

We're all the same

Here we are equal. So let’s thrive in uniqueness. Because each person is their own instrument. And our plan is to raise the fucking roof.


What is samesame?

same·same (the; m; plural: samesame)

1 equal in size, shape, value, or importance  —usually used with the or a demonstrative (such as that, those) in all senses:  they are samesame but can be different.

When does the ticket sale start?

We keep this a little secret to ourselves until further notice.

I have an idea to make samesame festival even more fun, who should I contact?

No manifestation without co-creation! Send an email to info@samesamefestival.com and see what beautiful things we can do together!

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