What is samesame?

same·same (the; m; plural: samesame)

1 equal in size, shape, value, or importance  —usually used with the or a demonstrative (such as that, those) in all senses:  they are samesame but can be different.

When does the ticket sale start?

Ticket sales will start on the 6th of March at 12:00h sharp. Pre-register here and stay up to date

I have an idea to make samesame festival even more fun, who should I contact?

No manifestation without co-creation! Send an email to info@samesamefestival.com and see what beautiful things we can do together!

I would like to sell something at samesame festival, how do I do that?

Yes cool, keep going with those beautiful products. You can send an email to info@samesamefestival.com  and we will see if we can make room for you.

I would like to volunteer at samesame festival, how do I do that?

We create magic at the festival together, so we really need you! Sign up via info@samesamefestival.com and we will contact you!