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Dragtastic 4

Tabitha is a true legend in the drag scene.

A sexy and slightly whory show queen and an entertainer at heart. She is super camp, sometimes fishy or a club kid. Tabitha is known for her direct humor and she has the heart on her tongue, which makes her loved by everyone. A popular queen in Amsterdam's nightlife, where she also offers a stage for starting queens. She says she is anything but a one trick pony and can't wait to show that to the world. Tabitha is going to give us Tabitha 2.0.


Keta Minaj, aka The Dutchess, is a performer at heart. She is Powerful, Elegant, Talented and a little bit Retarded; a real TRUT. It's always a party with Keta. She takes you on a crazy trip, in which she enchants you with her sexy moves, infectious energy and impressive outfits. Her style is mainly conceptual and she transforms to the occasion and always goes for the 'wow effect'! With her international allure, she belongs to the top of the worldwide drag scene.


A Flemish queen with Italian roots; Vanessa VanCartier. Internationally, in addition to Belgium, the Netherlands and Europe, she has made her mark in the drag scene by taking the win as the first post-op transgender in the Miss Continental pageant in Chicago. But Vanessa is mostly legendary for her gorgeous lip syncs and her polished style of drag. She is the drag mom of Season 1 winner Envy Peru, and she proudly represents the trans community she still fights for on a daily basis. She always tries to tell a story and share a message. This queen will conquer your heart!


My Little Puny is an ode to femininity and will never show the same thing twice. She cannot be pigeonholed and believes there should be no rules within drag. She sees herself as a true concept queen, switching effortlessly from gender fuck to femme and everything in between! With a background in theater and dance, she is therefore definitely one to watch!