but different


same·same (the; m; plural: samesame)
1 equal in size, shape, value, or importance

SAMESAME is a festival where people can meet and discover more about each other through performance, music, culture and art.

Queer culture has the magical ability to be incredibly open to others, probably because they have often not been allowed to experience this themselves. That openness is contagious.

but different?

In the land of the smiles, Thailand, language barriers are broken by locals and tourists with the well-known phrase 'same same'. We humans are all made of flesh and blood. We come the same way and we’ll go the same way. That connects us, because we are not that different from each other. We cherish that connection and manifest it at the samesame festival. Although we are all human beings of flesh and blood, there are also differences. They make us who we are, they make us unique. The duality of similarities and differences is what samesame festival is all about. An ode to humanity in its diversity. samesame is the first queer festival in Breda. A melting pot where queer and non-queer people all come together and thrive in uniqueness.


Samesame will be hosted on the beautiful location of 't Zoet.

Within walking distance of the HSL station and the historic city centre of Breda, there is an area of ​​46 football fields. An area where sugar was produced until 2005 and is therefore now called 't Zoet. Over the next twenty years, this area will be transformed into a metropolitan area. This means a dynamic and dense mix of living, working and recreation. This new district on the Mark will be of great significance for the city's future. Samesame will be with Vieze Anita, the first official festival to set grounds to 't Zoet.


A "safe space" is a place where LGBTQ people don't have to think twice about whether they can show affection for their partners — and whether they can just be themselves.

In a society that stigmatizes those who are not a member of the majority or dominant group, it is crucial for those with the privilege to act in allyship. Acting in allyship is when a person, sometimes a member of the majority or dominant group, speaks out and operates in devotion to a person or group that is targeted. Allyship works to end oppression by supporting and advocating for people who are stigmatized, discriminated against or treated unfairly.

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